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Your Global Logistics Network

Strong network, long reach

Atlas International Network is an exclusive global logistics network for air & ocean partners. Our elite members are selected very carefully, so we are able to maintain our high quality and reliability. Our strongly tied international network of local companies puts us in the same league as the major global logistics companies.

Atlas is one of the largest freight forwarders alliances that offers regional exclusivity as its most important cornerstone. As a member, you will also enjoy other benefits, such as an insolvency insurance.

Family atmosphere

All of our members are experienced professionals, but that does not mean the atmosphere has to stay formal. In the Atlas global logistics network, members become friends and friends become family. This unique dynamic keeps resulting in a proactive alliance with a family spirit valued by all.

Annual conference

Each year, Atlas organizes a conference for its members. An opportunity not only to learn and to do business, but also to get to know each other. We provide a full 4-day schedule with lots of side activities, all included in your conference attendance fee.

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